May 2020

Back to Business: Considerations in the Wake of COVID

3 min

How do you get back to business as usual while adapting to the new realities imposed by COVID-19? In this ongoing video series, we address the key business and legal issues that companies should keep top of mind when considering a return to full operation.

Is your business sufficiently prepared for reopening? Jeff Sabin offers a restructuring lawyer’s perspective on when, how, and whether companies should reopen for business. In addition to addressing the necessity of identifying and coordinating financial planning with other important reopening tasks, Jeff highlights the need for businesses to understand their current and projected financial condition.

Transcript - Jeff Sabin on Financial Planning

Do your existing agreements allow for changes in how your business functions? With many organizations having to modify their operations, Andrew Schmerzler discusses the need for all parties to review their current leases and loan documents for pitfalls and opportunities.

Transcript - Andrew Schmerzler on Leases and Loan Documents

Is your workspace safe enough to meet OSHA requirements in the COVID era? Ron Taylor, discusses the agency’s standards and an employer’s considerations in light of those standards.

Transcript - Ron Taylor on OSHA

May employers require employees participation in medical examinations, such as temperature checks, COVID-19 testing, and symptom questionnaires? Nick Reiter discusses the permissibility of medical examinations in the workplace and related employment risks.

Transcript - Nick Reiter on Employee Medical Examinations

Is your employee benefit plan ready for the new realities imposed by COVID-19? As organizations consider returning to full operation, Lisa Tavares explores the pandemic’s impact on employee eligibility, elections, and premium payments.

Transcript - Lisa Tavares on Employee Benefits

Is your organization ready for post-COVID labor relations? With unions becoming more active in advocating for their membership, Michael Volpe discusses how employers should handle current union relationships, evaluate exposure to union organizing, and understand the impact of the collective bargaining agreement on their plans to get back to business safely.

Transcript - Michael Volpe on Labor Issues

Does your insurance policy cover COVID-related losses? Mike Davis explores coverage for first- and third-party losses associated with the pandemic and highlights five major COVID-19 insurance issues your business should consider.

Transcript - Mike Davis on Insurance

Can your business be held liable for non-employee safety? Litigator Matt McLaughlin discusses tort liability, specifically employer liability to third-party non-employees. In addition to explaining an employer’s duty of care to ensure workplace safety, Matt explores the risk of suits brought by employees claiming exposure to the coronavirus, as well as the derivative liability arising from family members who become infected.

Transcript - Matt McLaughlin on Tort Liability


How do you ensure your premises are safe enough for your customers? Heather Mitchell discusses the steps business owners should take to mitigate the risk of lawsuits from customers claiming virus exposure.

Transcript - Heather Mitchell on Premises Liability Considerations

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