The 2013 Super Lawyers Business Edition was released this week featuring the top firms and attorneys in business practices across the country. Venable was named a top litigation firm in Maryland. Additionally, 74 attorneys were recognized in California, Maryland, New York, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

The complete list of recognized Venable attorneys is below.

Baltimore – Business Transactions
Michael J. Baader – Business/Corporate (Attorney Top List) 
Gregory A. Cross – Bankruptcy
Herbert D. Frerichs, Jr. – Business/Corporate
James J. Hanks, Jr. – Business/Corporate (Attorney Top List) 
Sharon A. Kroupa – Business/Corporate
Charles J. Morton, Jr. – Mergers & Acquisitions
Thomas D. Washburne, Jr. – Mergers & Acquisitions
Richard L. Wasserman – Bankruptcy

Baltimore – Construction, Real Estate, and Environmental
Kevin L. Shepherd – Real Estate
James D. Wright – Real Estate

Baltimore – Employment
Kenneth R. Hoffman – Employee Benefits/ERISA
Todd J. Horn – Employment and Labor
George W. Johnston – Employment and Labor
Ronald M. Taylor – Employment and Labor (Attorney Top List)

Baltimore – Litigation
James K. Archibald – Litigation
Benjamin R. Civiletti – Business Litigation
Kurt J. Fischer – Business Litigation (Attorney Top List) 
Geoffrey R. Garinther – Criminal Defense: White Collar
Andrew Gendron – Business Litigation
James E. Gray – Business Litigation
W. Warren Hamel – Criminal Defense: White Collar
Michael B. MacWilliams – Personal Injury Defense: Products
Mitchell Y. Mirviss – Appellate
Bruce R. Parker – Personal Injury Defense: Products
Michael Schatzow – Business Litigation
James L. Shea – Business Litigation
Craig A. Thompson – Personal Injury Defense: Products
Kenneth L. Thompson – Business Litigation

Los Angeles – Business Transactions
Bradford S. Cohen – Business/Corporate
Keith C. Owens – Bankruptcy
Hamid R. Rafatjoo – Bankruptcy

Los Angeles – Construction, Real Estate, and Environmental
Mitchell Evall – Real Estate

Los Angeles – Employment
Richard J. Frey – Employment and Labor
Daniel P. Hoffer – Employment Litigation Defense

Los Angeles – Litigation
Douglas C. Emhoff – Business Litigation
Jan Lawrence Handzlik – Criminal Defense: White Collar

New York – Business Transactions
Edward A. Smith – Bankruptcy

New York – Construction, Real Estate, and Environmental
Peter S. Britell – Real Estate
Gordon J. Davis – Real Estate
Susan E. Golden – Real Estate
Brian N. Gurtman – Real Estate
Peter G. Koffler – Real Estate
Suzanne St. Pierre – Real Estate

New York – Employment
Brian J. Clark – Employment and Labor
Michael J. Volpe – Employment and Labor

New York – Litigation
Edward P. Boyle – Business Litigation
William H. Devaney – Criminal Defense: White Collar
Matthew T. McLaughlin – Business Litigation
Edmund M. O'Toole – Business Litigation

San Francisco – Construction, Real Estate, and Environmental
Geoffrey C. Etnire – Real Estate

Towson – Employment
Jeffrey P. Ayres – Employment & Labor

Tysons – Construction, Real Estate, and Environmental
Henry F. Brandenstein, Jr. – Real Estate

Tysons – Business Transactions
Stephen K. Gallagher – Bankruptcy

Tysons – Litigation
William D. Dolan, III – Business Litigation
Michael W. Robinson – Business Litigation

Washington, DC – Business Transactions
Emilio W. Cividanes – Business/Corporate
Ronald R. Glancz – Banking

Washington, DC – Construction, Real Estate, and Environmental
Robert G. Gottlieb – Real Estate
Philip M. Horowitz – Real Estate
Thomas J. Kelly, Jr. – Environmental Litigation
Thomas E.D. (Ted) Millspaugh – Real Estate
Margaret N. Strand - Environmental

Washington, DC – Employment
Robert G. Ames – Employment and Labor
Kenneth R. Hoffman – Employee Benefits/ERISA
Lisa A. Tavares – Employee Benefits/ERISA

Washington, DC – Intellectual Property
William D. Coston – IP Litigation
Adam R. Hess – IP Litigation

Washington, DC – Litigation
James K. Archibald – Litigation
Thomas E. Gilbertsen – Antitrust Litigation
Karl A. Racine – Criminal Defense: White Collar
Seth A. Rosenthal – Criminal Defense: White Collar
Brian L. Schwalb – Business Litigation
Judson W. Starr – Criminal Defense: White Collar
Damon W.D. Wright – Business Litigation